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welding components, welding controls, transformer, water chillers, test equipment

Resistance Welding Controls

NSRW has experience with a broad range of resistance welding controls. We sell and service AC, DC, single phase, three phase, half wave frequency converters and mid frequency welding controls. Our sales and engineering department can help you choose the right welding control for your specific application. Our service department can help you with repairs, updates, retrofits, SCR contactors, replacement controls or any other problems you may encounter.

We Carry These Manufacturers' Controls: (Click a logo to see our products)
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Resistance Welding Transformers

NSRW can assist with all your spot welding transformer needs. We stock new and rebuilt transformers or can rebuild your existing transformer. All types of transformers are supported: fixture, portable gun, machine, and  transgun/robot. We also carry a full line of products associated with transformers, such as ground fault reactors, tap switches, disconnect plugs, and parallel/series blocks.

We Support These Manufacturers:



Resistance Welding Water Chillers

NSRW carries a full line of Schreiber Water Chillers.  Chillers are used to keep a constant self-sustaining source of properly chilled water.  Water Chillers are used in numerous applications such as: Hydraulic Cooling, Inducted Heating Systems, Laser Cooling Equipment, MRI Medical Equipment, Plasma Cutting, Plastics, Process Equipment, Seam Welders, and Spot Welders.  

Schreiber Dynaflux


Spot Welding Cables & Shunts

NSRW carries a full line of resistance welding cables and shunts.  We carry air cooled, water cooled, and water cooled kickless cables.  As well as laminated welding shunts.  

Air Cooled Cables Water Cooled Cables
Water Cooled Kickless Cables Laminated Welding Shunts

Shunt Ordering Sheet (Adobe Acrobat Format  129K)

Resistance Welding Test Equipment

NSRW carries a full line of test equipment.  We sell weld scopes for current reading, weld monitors for data acquisition, force gauges, conductivity meters, hardness testers, and impedance meters.

The manufacturers we support include:



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